In addition to comfort and style, there are a couple other things every customer should know before they pick out a pair of sunny eye glasses; especially if they are considering best designer brands . When you are dealing with that much money and protection for your vision, you want to be an informed buyer.

The right sunglasses

Face shape

sadsdWhen you pick out a pair of sunny eye glasses, the shape of your face will probably affect which styles look most attractive. For example, square or rectangular lenses are recommended for round-faced individuals while rounder lenses are popular among square-faced customers. As a general rule of thumb, look for glasses that are the opposite of your face shape. The contrast will help balance out your appearance.

Type of lens

Sunny glasses usually have plastic or glass lenses. Glass lenses tend to be clearer and more scratch resistant, but they are also more expensive and heavier than plastic lenses. If you tend to misplace items on a regular basis, cheaper plastic lenses would be a wiser choice than glass.

Optical protection

Even though some people buy sun glasses for the name-brand or the style, the most important reason for buying sunny glassesis to acquire protection for your eyes. There are two types of light that you need to deflect from your eyes. The first of these is made up of UV rays. Labels or eye doctors can tell you how much protection a pair of sunny glasseswill provide. Look for sunny glassesthat offer 100% protection. Second, if you spend a lot of time on the water or a snowy mountain, it would also be wise to invest in polarized lenses. That way, your eyes will be protected from the blue light reflected off of water that is known as glare. Fishermen, boaters, skiers and lifeguards are just a few people who could benefit from a good pair of polarized glasses.

Frame shape

wsxddsfFrames can be thick, thin, dark, light, wrap-around, curvy, straight and more. Invisible frames can make glasses less conspicuous, but it will also make them less effective at blocking light. The thicker the frame on your glasses, the more light you can keep out of your eyes. If protection is the paramount goal, wrap-around frames would be the wisest choice.

A few other factors to consider when you try on a pair of sunny glasses are distortion, color and comfort. For example, if the lenses are curved too much, the images you see could be curved and distorted as well. As far as color is concerned, some colors work better in different light than others. For example, yellow lenses capitalize on available light, which makes them good glasses for dawn and dusk while grey lenses are a good choice for sunny and bright light. And finally, make sure that glasses don’t move around when you smile or turn your head or you will always be making adjustments to them.

Making Informed Decisions On Sunny Eye Glasses
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