Are you attending a prom party by the end of the year? Well, you will be shopping for a prom dress that is a good fit and flatters your figure too. There are different styles of prom dresses to select from, and if you are a beginner, here are some prom dress styles that you can consider buying;

Illusions Dress

Do you want to show off some skins and still maintain that sophisticated and formal look? Then illusion dress is the way to go. The dresses are “it thing” today since they bring out the sexiness in any woman. You can select a dress that has illusion details on the front part or the sides of the dress. Also, there are different patterns that you can play around with when choosing such a gown.

Lace Dress

Lace is a style that has been on the market for a long time, and we don’t see the style fading away. There are so many styles that work perfectly with lace. For example, you can choose a dress that has lace details on the upper body part, on the arms or a full lace dress. Also, you can wear a short or a long dress lace dress.

long dress

Black Dress

Black is a neutral color and can work for any event. Whether you are going for dinner, wedding or even a prom party a black dress will work well as long you pair it with the right shoes and accessories. You can either wear a lace black or a black velvet dress. It can be knee length, short or even long. Whichever length and fabric works for you.


This is a great style for people who are not afraid to show off some skin. We have seen cutout dresses countless times on the runways and believe me this is an elegant style for a prom dress. The cutouts can be situated on the sides of the dress, below the bust area or even at the back. One crucial thing to remember when choosing a cutout dress is your overall look. Ensure the dress fits you well, flatters your figure and lastly the cutouts should not show off too much.

Floral Prints

Floral is a girly and elegant style for a prom dress. It also works well with different designs and lengths too. Make sure the shade you select matches well with your skin tone and hair, since floral dresses tend to be more colorful.

party dress


Sequin is a sexy and a daring style for any woman. It brings out the sexy and bold part of every woman. Also, the style is ideal for every color and every body type as long the dress fits well. Some of the sequin styles that you can select for your prom dress are long dresses with a front slit; you can choose a low neck or a low back. Also, select a color that blends well with your skin tone.

Different Prom Dress Styles
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