Hair always has been adding an extravagant look to the personality of an individual and it will never get vague or out of fashion. Nowadays, different hairstyles and hair textures are introduced to uplift your clothing even more with them. So it can rightly be said that hair and hairstyles can never go out of fashion.

Hair extensions were introduced to the fashion world to bring a different style. The extensions vary in colors and hair textures. Both of the straight and curly hair extensions are present in the market. Let’s discuss some of the kinky hair extensions for women trending these days to add a new item to your existing wardrobe.



1. Kinky Straight Blow Out

If you are thinking about a transition, from relaxed hair to natural, then these extensions are for you. The best thing about these extensions is they immediately blend well with the straightened or blown out hair without any effort. This hair can be covered, cut, straightened, washed, bleached and much more.


2. Kinky Curly Bundle

If you are looking some hair extensions to match your hair pattern naturally, then the kinky curly bundle is the right fit for your hair. You can also get rid of ironing your hair over and over again just because you haven’t found a perfect match for your hair. It is advised not to flat iron these hair extensions as they will lose quality and it will become difficult for them to sit on your hair.


3. Coarse Yaki Bundle

If you are looking for a hair extension somewhere between perm yaki and straight hair, then this is the perfect fit what you are browsing. This is an ideal extension for all those ladies who are looking for not that much poof in an extension because of its slightly more coarse texture. This has been prepared to keep in view the women who have a bit of textured hair.


4. Nubian Kinky Curly Wig

The Nubian Kinky curly wig is introduced in three lengths, i.e. short, medium and long. Each of the lengths is available in both the wigs, i.e. full wig or a
–part wig. For a long-lasting and ultimate protective style, the wig comes in with combs, clips; hairpins for the most relaxed and easy fit.


5. Perm Yaki Light

These hair extensions have a lot of resemblance with African American dried out or blown out hair. This is specifically for the women who have permed hair. Dead straight hair is difficult to achieve without a flat iron, so these extensions are specifically designed for them who aren’t worried about some of the kinks in straight hair.


6. Nubian Afro Kinky Wig

This extension is also offered in three lengths, i.e. short, medium and long. The wig units have been cut in a pre-layered hair shape to fit each of the face frames. The volume of the wig is much defined and much large. To give a suitable natural appearance, the luster has been kept a bit low.


7. Afro Kinky Bundle

For the women who are looking for a little to no curl texture, this is an ideal extension to best suit their needs. Tiny and acute ringlets have been added in the extension to add some more grace to the extension and make it more desirable for the ladies who are searching for such an extension.


Hair are the ultimate crown for a woman.  To get a kinky curly hair extensions for black women or asian or any other skin color you also have to make sure that you browse the hair type that sit perfectly on your face, effortlessly.

Kinky curly hair extensions for women
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